You Are Not Alone – Allow Others to See the Real You

You Are Not Alone – Allow Others to See the Real You

Do you ever stare at yourself in the mirror.. for a long period of time.. and think, “Who Am I?” or “Where Am I Going?” or “Who Do I Want to Be?”…

You are not alone.

We all want to be special. We all want to be remembered and recognized and loved. But what does it take to get that response from others?

I think it takes a consistency of showing up in the right way for YOU. Being honest and having the good intention to leave a mark. The others will see once you are true to you.

I smile thinking of all the times my mom said, “Leave the campground better than you found it.” Man, I took that to heart and applied it to every area of life I could think of. I’d pick up other people’s waste at a baseball game, make someone smile in a sea of sadness or just be me and hope it rubbed off on someone. Isn’t that all we can really do anyway?

I was at a very crowded restaurant the other night and looking around at a sea of people all chatting away to the person closest to them. I couldn’t help but wonder what “cover” they were all showing to mask the insecurities inside, the doubts they had and questions of the universal “unknown” of what’s to come. Sometimes we cover up who we are to fit in. That is not a way to live. What if you could be who you are and people would still like you? It’s 100% possible if you just let go of that “idea” of what you should be and when.

Whether you are reading this at a peak in your life, wondering how you became so lucky to get the opportunities and love you feel in your life – OR – you’re feeling desperate and alone, wondering what could possibly happen from here… The constant is that you are not alone. Don’t let that turn you off. We all want to feel unique – and you are unique. But, that doesn’t mean you have to feel things alone and be alone.

Allow others in – to teach, to heal, or just to love and appreciate you.

That is today’s message. Don’t be so sure of your feelings that you block help or a friendly messenger. We, including me, always have opportunities for growth and discovery. Embrace it and allow yourself to let your guard down. It will be ok on the other end…

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