Why Helping to Mentor Teens is Such a Priority to Me

Why Helping to Mentor Teens is Such a Priority to Me

Elementary school, middle school and high school can be SO rough on a kid. My first heartbreak was in 3rd grade. 3rd grade!! My best friend of three years chose a new girl to hang out with over me. With not even 10 years on this planet, a little girl felt “not good enough” for the first time. These moments in time have a HUGE impact on all people involved, yet is still continues to happen, and for generations to come.

Watch this powerful 3minute short video below that I was fortunate enough to see thanks to a dear friend, Julia King:

Looks are given, nasty words said, harsh actions made – all day, every day, all across the nation. Teenage kids don’t know a better way than this. There’s conflict in their individual worlds and these young adults are not taught how to properly handle these massive waves of intense emotions. They are trying to figure out how to survive in the world, figuring out what is right from wrong, how to get yelled at less by their parents, how to feel equal in a family where a sibling is far superior in some way, what a relationship means, what outlets will make them feel better, what alcohol and drugs are, who they want to be, who they don’t want to be, how far they can push boundaries… and the list goes on.

I know all of these emotions because I lived them not too long ago. Growing up is incredibly difficult – in my opinion, the hardest thing I’ve done to date (and that statement says a lot). Eventually, you’ve been hurt enough or learned enough and pushed into growth – emotional and spiritual. The lucky ones had at least one mentor around they could look up to and study. This mentor has all the power in the world – and most don’t realize it. These kids need to be shown a better way, a higher way.

I dedicate myself to helping Teens, parents and any individual along the way because you CAN make a difference. I see first-hand all the time the differences I make and it only gives me more strength to push on and do more. Won’t you join me in this journey to help spread wisdom and mentorship? Someone out there is waiting for you to say yes.

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