What’s In the Relationship Secret Sauce?

What’s In the Relationship Secret Sauce?

It worries me to see so many broken relationships. The question everyone seems to be asking themselves is, “What happened?” Back in the day when divorce rates were low… was that because people stayed together even when they were miserable? Or did they have it all figured out and somehow the secret didn’t get passed down from generation to generation? I can’t claim to be an expert on relationships but I do think I have some good insights for you today.

There’s a great song by Gavin DeGraw called “Follow Through”. I was listening to it the other day and it made me think – it really is about following through, isn’t it? In a relationship if there are broken promises, unfulfilled intentions – I have to believe this causes separation.

In relationships if you’re not growing together you’re growing apart. This is SUCH a delicate balance and one that must be paid attention to at all times. If not paid attention to, then more arguments arise and distance falls between the partners. Only the strongest of couples can survive that kind of distance. Strong minded individuals that always really loved their partner – those are rare relationships and ones that can usually survive the toughest of times. But, if you’re in a relationship where one person is in love more than the other, this creates an imbalance which could cause distance over a long period of time. Again, a very delicate balance.

I do believe in love. I do believe that we can meet someone and grow old with them (and want to). I don’t believe in perfect – I wouldn’t want perfect. The thing that makes us humans incredible beings is because of our uniqueness. We are all different and to try and believe two different people can be perfect together – it doesn’t make sense does it? I would want to bring something great to the relationship and I would want my partner to bring something equally great to the relationship (but different so it adds value to the partnership).

So my guess at what is the secret sauce to a successful relationship?

Patience + Follow Through + Forgiveness + Trust + Good Intention = A Successful Relationship

I’m sure there are other things that add to it, but this seems to cover the basics. A successful relationship doesn’t mean that you’ll never have arguments, that you’ll always feel understood, or that you’re in a heated attraction all the time. (That’s perfect and again, I don’t think perfect exists.) A successful relationship to me means keeping the balance and never taking your finger off the pulse of the relationship.

If you are in a relationship, today I encourage you to do something extra sweet for your other. You don’t have to spend any money to make an impression either! Don’t you notice that the things that mean the most are often the simplest to make happen?

Food for thought on this day…

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