What You Are Focused On Right Now…

What You Are Focused On Right Now…

What we focus on is waaay more important than you may think. You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction which says what you think about attracts that to you. For example, if I think about wanting to pay off debt, I’ll attract money into my life so I can sort of manifest that goal to become reality.

There is a group of people that all think this is a lot of mumbo jumbo and I can see why. (I always have had the ability to really see other people’s points of view.) This group of people says, “So if I think I want a speed boat, one will just appear in my front lawn?” Well, no. That’s not what the Law of Attraction means.

So, I thought I would try to give you a new perspective by saying the Law in different terms. You’ve most likely been in a relationship that had a rough spot. Maybe you were fighting more often, your partner didn’t look as sexy to you anymore or you just felt annoyed by that person. And you wondered, “Is this the beginning of the end?”

When you focus on that person’s annoying qualities guess what happens? You notice it more and more and more and more. I’ve had a quality upset me so much about a past co-worker that it literally made my skin crawl. I had a physical reaction to it! Once I got to a certain milestone with focusing on it there was just no turning back.

On the flip side, when you first fall in love you focus on all the thing about that person that makes them the best person on Earth. You see how this person opens the door for you, gets you something from the kitchen when you’re lazy, let’s you watch what you want to watch on TV, etc etc. You’re so focused on the love that you give love back and it’s a beautiful flow.

The dots are starting to connect… What we focus on is what we get. If I focus on working out then I’ll make it a priority, I’ll thrive at it and my body will be very grateful. If I focus on doing a good job at work then I’ll notice the quality of my work go up. I’ll have more attention to detail, I’ll avoid mistakes and naturally, I’ll get a promotion or a new opportunity will pop up.

If you focus on depression – you’re just feeling off one day – then you’ll most likely sink down deeper and deeper until you’ve had your fill and snap back out it. Which brings me to an easy solution for those times when you’re focused on a downer mood and just can’t snap out of it. Here’s what you do: Without even really thinking about it, make a quick change in your surroundings. Let’s say your feeling low and listening to Enya – really feeling it out. If you continue to focus on that and it’s going nowhere (you’re not really resolving anything and it’s just making you feel worse) then quickly listen to Black Eyed Peas, Imma Be. You just can’t feel down when listening to that song! Or, go outside and force yourself to take a walk. The fresh air will do you some good. Just alter your surroundings and it will alter your mood.

Today I’d like you to be aware of what you are focusing on. Happy, sad, good, bad – what you focus on, you will get more of…

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