Three Phases of Enlightenment to Reclaim Your Bright Future

Fear is a very common, recurring, natural emotion. If it never fully goes away, we need to learn to develop a relationship with that fear so it no longer controls us.

In order to get ourselves back on track we must step through three phases of enlightenment. The first is to reconnect with our Self by remembering our core values, strengths and goals. Only by doing this can we move into the second phase which is to see past our fears. When we finally make this shift, we will be able to look into our future once more with purpose and excitement. Our third phase is to take action. Once we take action we are reminded of our worth. It is when we feel worthy that the strongest forces in the world can no longer stop us.

What does it mean to reconnect with our Self? Because we all have different trials, doubts and fears, you will largely have to answer this question yourself. For me, reconnecting to my Self means to stop listening to the stories I’ve believed for so long. The stories that I created myself about what others think of me or how past experiences played out. Reconnecting also means honoring the qualities in myself that make me great. Last, it means admitting my fears and doubts, giving them their place in my life, then looking past them toward my goals, constantly.

Fear is an anxiety living deep inside us caused from our predictions of danger in the future. If you are like most Americans you have fear right now about your finances. You fear the length of time it will take to pay off your debt. You fear how you will be able to put food on the table for your children tonight. You fear losing your house if you miss one more payment. Fear paralyzes us entirely. How is one able to take action, make plans for the future and believe when nasty ‘ole fear is standing in our way? We cannot.

Educating your Self on the powers of fear is one way to see past it. If we know fear can paralyze us, then why would we embrace it, even at a subconscious level? It’d be as silly as touching a hot stove on purpose. As I said earlier, we must admit to our fears then give them their place in our lives. This doesn’t mean hide from your fears or ignore them entirely. Realize they are there and find your unique way of seeing past them. Only then can we get excited about the future again – and this is essential for long-term happiness.

In order to take action we must believe we can do so. Belief is a state of mind, a confidence that no material thing can match. If you believe you can take action, regardless of your fears, then you will place one foot in front of the other and just take that next step.

One ingredient strongly bonds belief and action and that is proof. If you are one that struggles to take action until you are sure it works, then I suggest a role model. Find someone who went from Lost to Found, Broke to Rich, Cancer Patient to Healed. Ask questions and read their stories. Sometimes we need to borrow another person’s story to solidify our belief that much more, finally thawing our frozen state. This is ok. Especially if your fears have been paralyzing you, get help. All you have to do is take that first step and ask someone how they did it, or ask for a few tips. Remember how generous people can be.

Once you have reconnected with your Self and are taking action in your life once again, then I encourage you to find a way to “give back”. Think how you can help others do the same. Whether you send an email to all your friends and family sharing your keys to success, or you actively comment/interact on blogs, or you share your keys to success on Facebook. It doesn’t matter how you do it or how much you do it. There are millions of people facing the same insecurities and frozen state you once did. Help them pull through as you learned to do.

Imagine how bright your future looks now…

I now invite you to share what fears have been preventing you from taking action and stepping into the future you want. What has been holding you back?

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