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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

In college at the University of Arizona, I took a Graphic Design course by a really great professor. One of our assignments was to take a poem or song and integrate it into a story book. The words were the lyrics and we were to add images that they text lay on in a artsy way.

I chose the poem by Robert Frost written in 1915 titled “The Road Not Taken”. I bring this up because I was recently digging through old boxes and found this storybook that I designed 7 years earlier. I flipped through the pages, about 12, and remembered what that poem meant to me at the time…

When I entered college I was just snapping out of my “darker” teenage years. Man, those were tough. And as you know, I even wrote a book about that time for me called Rescuing Me: A Teen’s Journey From Lost to […]