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Truth: Your Ultimate Ally

Truth: Your Ultimate Ally

We know… deep in our gut what our Truth is. We ultimately can’t deny it. We can try to cover it up, justify it, hide from it – but it will come back to us one way or another. Only you can know what your Truth is. The question is, what are you going to do with it?

When we hurt – over a career change, a relationship loss, a deep questioning from within – we tend to lose ourselves and that Truth momentarily. Your mind starts playing “what if” games with you… “What if I don’t get another job?” “What if he was the love of my life?” “What if I never come back from this change?”

You will. You have every tool inside of you to handle whatever is plaguing you with doubt and fear. You have been prepared your whole life for this. The answers are within. You just […]