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What I Am SO Grateful For – Part One

What I Am SO Grateful For – Part One

I’ve been awake about an hour and I’m already filled with an unmatched happiness and peace. I couldn’t do another thing until I told you what I was feeling. The past five days have completely blown me away…

To get started, I must tell you about my pre-Thanksgiving travel experience. A few weeks ago I bought my plane tickets home to Tucson, leaving Wednesday (the 24th) at 9pm and coming back Saturday. I originally got the late Wednesday flight because my aunt was coming in to town and I was going to spend the day with her and my cousin. She got caught in a nasty Utah snow storm and I found out the day before my flight she was not going to be able to travel here – the freeways would shut down.

This opened up the opportunity for me to come home a little early which I desperately craved. […]