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An AMAZING Blog I Stumbled Across

An AMAZING Blog I Stumbled Across

I am constantly looking for others that share in my passion to help others by sharing their wisdom and their life experiences. I have a few I’ll be sharing with you over the next few months. This blog in particular is new, but POWERFUL.

The domain says it all: FEELING THEN HEALING — http://feelingthenhealing.wordpress.com

Don’t we all go through this experience of FEELING then HEALING? When going through moments of heartache OR bliss – we MUST FEEL first. We soak in the most exhilarating times and the most hurtful times. Either way, whatever our experience, we take the feeling deep inside ourselves and lock it in. We can then draw upon this AMAZING force of emotion and past experience to help propel us into our best future.

This blog I found – about Standing in the FIRE Of Life – calls us out. Calls everyone of us out to be our […]