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Facing Your Fear of Starting High School (and Beyond)

Facing Your Fear of Starting High School (and Beyond)

Do you get anxiety when you think about starting high school? The new faces, the new classes, the new environment?

My neighbor’s daughter is starting high school in the Fall. She shyly told me she was nervous. Boy did that bring me back…

I remember graduating from middle school happy as a clam. I had hit a real milestone in my life and felt proud. Yet, entering high school gave me the opposite feeling. I had sweaty palms, anxiety, fear – all of it.

I was going from a class size of 35 to a class of more than 350! It was a transition from a private school to a public school and I had no way to prepare for what happened.

The first day of school was exactly what you’d expect.

In fact, I have recurring dreams about it to this day! lol. It’s me always late to a class because I can’t find […]