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From Alone, to Asking for Help, to Growth

From Alone, to Asking for Help, to Growth

I have found people rarely admit they need help even when they are desperate for it. There have been times in my life that I felt so terrified of life and its outcomes. One of my greatest outlets in high school was a journal. I wrote day after day trying to release all of the loneliness, hurt, anger and depression I felt.

August 3rd, 2000 – “My heart is heavy and the doors are closed. My my mind remains empty of thought. I have been tangled in the veins of reputation. Why are these veins choking me so tightly? Who will give me the answers I need to heal my soul of this darkness? I have been looking for people to be here in my time of pain, but no one has responded.”

After looking back on all of the suffering that now seems unfamiliar, […]