If You’re Looking for an Energetic, Dynamic Speaker that Can Connect and Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Audience…

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer is not new to speaking and fully understands the mechanics necessary to engage an audience and empower them for a great end result.

Early in her career Amber learned how to structure 15-minute talks, to full-day workshops, to 3-day training seminars. Her confidence, enthusiasm and powerful ability to come from the heart has impressed audiences across North America, whether a group of 50 or a conference more than 300 in size.

“Amber is definitely the girl to follow! She knows her stuff and is doing BIG things this year!” — Eric Graham

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Hear Amber Speak at the Fearless Freedom Summit, 2013

Speaking Subjects

Online Business Development Speaker, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer
Internet Marketing Speaker, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer
Social Media Speaker, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer
  • Rescuing Me: A Teen’s Journey from Lost to Found
    If your audience is between the ages of 12-30 you won’t want to miss the opportunity to invite Amber in to share her compelling personal story. As a young teen, Amber faced many challenges including depression, anxiety, isolation, engaging with the wrong crowd and making less-than-positive decisions. She was merely trying to learn the meaning of boundaries in relationships, the importance of trust, who she wanted to be and how she wanted to show up in the world.After a rock bottom experience, Amber was faced with a deeply important question. “Is this the way I want to live my life?” Since that moment at the age of 16, Amber completely changed the course of her life. She graduated with honors, regained trust with her family and friends, learned about the powers of personal growth and has been on a mission to live a full, happy and successful life.Amber grew into a person she was very proud to be and her deep passion is to help teens and young adults realize their potential while inspiring them to be their greatest selves.
  • Overcome Fear to Rock Your Life and Business
    Fear is the hot keyword for 2013. Business owners across the world are determined to learn how to overcome the roadblocks that come up in life and business. Amber is no stranger to fear and has developed an easy, long-lasting formula for recognizing and overcoming these distractions. Motivate and excite your audience by allowing Amber to share her personal stories, dive into the fear strategy and create lasting change for each individual in the room.

For speaking availability and fees, please contact Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer today.