Snap Out of It! 3 Action Steps to a Better Attitude

Snap Out of It! 3 Action Steps to a Better Attitude

Read my latest personal growth message posted as an expert author on the Conscious Divas website. Below is a teaser of the article with a link where you can read the full post. Enjoy today’s article on “Get Help Snapping Out Of It: 3 Action Steps to a Better Attitude”.

“I’m negative more and more lately… I cry because I don’t know what else to do… I can’t seem to snap out of it… I’m not happy (though I know I have reason to be)… I’m so disappointed in myself that I can’t seem to find motivation to fix how I feel… I reach out and tell people how I feel but nothing changes – if anything, I just feel worse…”

Sound familiar? If not, congratulations, you’re in a better place than most people I’ve been talking with recently. And I am sincere in wishing you congratulations – we must take notice when we are “up” and be proud of our accomplishments. I do not mean to start a post in such a downer way – but I do intend to finish it with positivity and motivation.

You see, lately I’ve been approached by more than a few struggling souls. They’ve all reached out saying the above and it just breaks my heart, but, I too have been there in my life. All I can do is relate, lend a supportive hand and lead by example. Since this wave of emotion has come my way, I’ve really tried to analyze what’s happening to cause such shame in people. What breaks my heart the most is that these people are GREAT people! They have so much to give the world, yet see themselves as nothing more than a giant failure. They have more confidence that they will fail again that they can’t even see the possibility of opportunity or success.

If this pattern is something you’ve just noticed in yourself then today’s post is for you. I wanted to share 3 Action Steps for Snapping Out Of It…”

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