Your Stories

Below you will find many amazing stories of struggle, perseverance, heartache and healing. Enjoy these inspiring messages from the brave souls who came before you.

A Daughter’s Story to Help You Prepare

I am the youngest of 4 children and the only girl. My brothers are 5, 10 and 13 years older than me. When I was 7 years old my parents divorced. My mom moved the youngest 3 of us to Manchester, MO where she had gotten a teaching position in the Parkway School district. My oldest brother stayed in ARK.

Because of our age spread I spent the most time living with Mom. Even after I married, my husband and I lived near her.
When she began suffering from dementia it seemed natural for me to be her main care giver. As time and her disease progressed, I began doing more and more for her, starting with paying bills which she was not very good at! I remember she had a gasoline credit card with $60 on it and she was paying the minimum every month!

By fall of 2007 I was pretty […]


Anne’s Shared Story: A beautiful thing.

Over the last few years I have had about 30 poems come through. It seems as though someone is whispering in my ear and I just take dictation. I know it is something within my self, trying to lead me home, but I have not been the best listener. Seven years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with these words going through my mind. ”I will always love you.” I sat up in bed, grabbed a pen and wrote on the side of a kleenex box.

Here is the poem that came through…

“I will always love you” he said to me,
But I did not listen, I did not believe.
Why am I here, where is my home?
Surrounded by people, I feel so alone.

“You are never alone” he said to me,
But I did not listen, I chose not to believe.
I searched and […]


Meet the Amazing Mary Parrish

Mary Parrish is a woman I was lucky enough to cross paths with. She is a co-author in an upcoming Lisa Nichols book titled Living Proof. This is a book I’m heavily involved with as it’s part of the work I do with the CA publishing company.

Once each book is complete (that we’re working on) I manage an Amazon Bestseller Campaign to launch the book. When I do this, I offer a service to work one-on-one with each author in the book (30-40 authors usually) to help coach them on product development or build a sort of one-page website for them. Mary took me up on that offer.

I was preparing for our call – reading her book chapter and this Questionnaire I had her fill out. She had asked me if I would also watch a 5minute speech she had given. Of course I’d love to! I watched it and […]


Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable: A Glimpse of My Story From Lost to Found

It’s a little overwhelming to look back on my life as I think about all the times I felt uncomfortable or fearful – usually about ready to seriously expand my comfort zone – not knowing where I’d end up. One of the scariest, looking back, was the day I started my sophomore year of high school…

When 6th grade came, my older sister and I started a private school. I came from a public elementary school that I liked well enough. I never had a lot of friends. I don’t remember anything except starting 6th grade hopeful. After half that year spent being in the “popular crowd” (wow, still not sure how or why I landed that upgrade!) the other girls in the class started to not like me. Either they had just started or never liked me and I was blind to it. The name calling, singling out and judgment […]


Lost to Found Series: Cheryl’s Story “Growing Up is Hard to Do”

I received a new Story Submission from a mother in Arlington, Texas last week. By looking at her picture below, you can probably tell (as I did) she is very wise. Her story will shock you, comfort you and help expand your thinking. Cheryl has brought us a new perspective on stories shared. She reflects as the “mother” and “care taker” of many friends growing up. Those she held the hair of while they puked at parties, those who stopped talking to her for petty reasons, those who took drugs, those who committed suicide, those on medication and many more.

When I finished this story, posted from her own blog, I was disappointed because I wanted to read more, more, more. This story is a MUST READ. Cheryl shares some incredible insights within the last few paragraphs of her post. Let them sink in. You will be in good company.

Cheryl’s advice:

Remember… […]