Share Your Story

This site is all about sharing stories and expressions. Once you make the decision to get your story out there (anonymous or not), this huge weight is lifted. I know because during the core of my teen years I didn’t tell a soul how I was feeling inside. I didn’t share.

It was like a poison running through my veins. Once I told one person my story, I couldn’t believe the difference. I felt a little bit more free. Once I told a second person and a third, I finally understood what was going to get me to the other side – “found”.

By sharing my story it allowed me to get a perspective that was impossible otherwise. I no longer felt ashamed and guilt and alone. I felt power and freedom – I felt I knew who I was again.

I encourage you to make the first step now. Please share your story with me – as much or as little you feel you’d like to express.

On the form below, only I see the submissions – your privacy is my priority. If you’d like to allow others to see your story, please check the box below. If you only want me to see your story and respond, simply leave the checkbox empty and I’ll not add it for others to see.

Thank you for your courage and time.