The Million Dollar Secret to Overcoming Resistance

The Million Dollar Secret to Overcoming Resistance

Have you been feeling very… stop and go lately? You are feeling an all time high one moment – motivated, getting stuff done, jazzed about opportunity. The next (almost within an instant sometimes) you feel just the opposite – discouraged, feeling like a loser, unsure of yourself. There is a resistance that just won’t let you stay on that “high”.

Once the awareness comes in that maybe there is resistance, we ask ourselves why is it so hard to do the smallest of tasks? Where is that coming from? Am I sabotaging myself from reaching my goals and what I truly want out of life? What can I do to get rid of this blockage?

These are tough questions to ask oneself. To look inward and fight for your life essentially. I honor your strength to find the answers to these questions.

I encourage you to think of this “stop and go” experience in a new perspective today. Visualize yourself standing in front of a great, tall door frame. There is no “door”, just the frame. You stand in front of this door frame knowing everything you want is on the other side – that relationship, that new job, peace – whatever it is. You want it so badly.

The few inches of space surrounding the door frame represents all of the fear, anxiety, depression, confusion – every emotion that comes up when you “stop”. This “door frame” is just framing your resistance. I usually imagine it as almost a slight haze to where I can see the vibrancy of my desires on the other side, but it’s sort of clouded by this haze.

Then there’s you, standing before this frame. Can you picture it?

The million dollar question is … what does it take to get to the other side?

Some experts will say things like, “It takes a plan – a serious plan you MUST stick to” or, “You must improve who you are, change your bad habits and grow into the person you are meant to be!”  :-/

I have a different answer and it’s one I think it worth a million bucks.

Q. What does it take to get to the other side?
A. It takes picking up your foot and taking one step forward, over the door frame, into the other side.

Some of you may get upset at that answer. After all, we all have a habit of over-complicating everything. But, I swear to you it really can be that easy. You don’t need a 30 day plan. You don’t need to work yourself to death to change. You just need to take that one step forward.

I’ve stood in front of this doorway dozens of really scary and difficult times in my life. But you know what? One day I realized the secret I just shared with you. I trusted and I took that step forward. Guess what?? It worked! Then the next time I was faced with a challenge, I pictured that doorway. I resisted and resisted – completely torturing myself – until one day, I remembered the secret. I then took a step and before I knew it I was through to the other side. I swear to you this works and it forever changed my life!!

Next you may ask, but what does it mean to take a step? You’ve heard that famous quote by Confucius, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” It’s anything that gets you one step closer to your goal. Picking up that phone when it’s hardest, setting up that appointment or meeting, running an errand you’ve procrastinated on. Taking action.

It is the mental hurdle you are battling – by visualizing your taking the step through the haze into the other side of that door frame, you will pick up that phone and make that call. Before you know it, you’ve started this chain of events that all collectively work toward achieving your goal.

Years ago, I felt that resistance for months and months (sometimes years!). Now I recognize it within a few days to a couple weeks. Then I laugh out loud as the realization comes in, “Oh! I’m at that door again!” Then I laugh as I visually jump through that door way and never look back.

People tell me all the time how they can’t believe how wise I am, or how much I’ve accomplished for my young age. It’s all because I am like an efficiency windup doll. I always want to know the fastest way to achieve a goal – and NO shortcuts, ever! I applied that idea to my emotional experiences and my personal growth. I am shaving years of depression and confusion off my life all because of this idea of taking a step. What could it do for you?

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