Now This is How to Celebrate Your Birthday!

Now This is How to Celebrate Your Birthday!

My birthday is this week which made me think back on all the ways I’ve celebrated over the years. I’ve had some pretty incredible moments, but there’s one in particular that stands out as the winner.

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer Celebrates Her 25th BirthdayDays before my 25th Birthday, I got this idea for a personal way to celebrate my life. I wanted to buy 25 of the brightest and most colorful helium balloons – one for each year of my life. Then I would write my most favorite life memories on some, my hopes for the future on some, and expressions of love an gratitude for people and past moments on the rest. Once finished, I would release all the balloons into the air as a way of releasing the past and unlocking my future.

A few hours before sunset, on the day of my Birthday, I did just that. Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer Writes Past Memories and Future Hopes on BalloonsMy mom went with me and we bought Sharpies and all the balloons. We then drove to Cherry Creek State Park a few minutes from my house. I walked into the park with her and picked a spot in the grass where I would sit and start my expressions.

I wrote and reflected and went deep inside where only I had access too. One balloon at a time I wrote about the tough places I had been, the difficult decisions I had to make, the people I loved, the things I loved about myself, and so much more.Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer Writes on Balloons for Her 25th Birthday

It took about an hour for me to write on all 25 balloons – but there was no shortage of things to say. I had come so far. I reflected on how I used to sit alone in my bedroom during high school – feeling alone, crying, wishing I could be through this downer period in my life. I really saw how far I had come. I finally knew who I was and where I wanted to go in life. I was, and still am, well on my way.

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer Releases Balloons Into Air for 25th BirthdayThis birthday milestone birthday moment was all about recognizing my life – the good and the bad. Then, once finished, I stood up, took a deep breath, and released all of those balloons and memories high into the sky. I watched as they flew away toward the sunset. My memories and hopes for the future flying high with them.

An incredible release on a wonderful day. There is no one else I would have wanted by my side more than my mom – who stood by me through all of my teenager bad moods and my rise to the greatest version of me. I love you mom.

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer Watched Balloons In Air on 25th Birthday

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  1. Mom says:

    I remember that time so vividly Honey as I sat there observing your heart expressing the very depths of itself on those bright balloons. Colorful balloons for a colorful Spirit…a Spirit willing to touch itself in so many experiences…in order to…come home. So many parents want their children to act out in this “perfect” textbook fashion; yet, I have celebrated your willingness to truly show up to all faces of life. The payoff? A beautiful bright light reflecting so very much to the world; compassion, intelligence, love, insight, forgiveness…a deep, seeing heart. I could not be more proud of your Journey Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer and am so very grateful that you chose me as your way of arriving…here. I look forward to celebrating you this week on this next Sacred Birth of Amber Day. I love you…you humble me… mom.

  2. Mike Bankus says:

    Great post, Amber. I think that is something I should do….gonna have a lot more balloons than you, though!! Good site. I applaud you for your desire to make a difference in the lives of others….that’s eventually our true legacy.

  3. As brilliant as you are now, I can only imagine what you’ll be like ten years from now. Better yet, who you’ll be! My experience of you over the past several months has been simply incredible and this Earth would not be the same without Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer on it!

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