Part 3 of 4: What Key Things Did I Learn to Get Me Where I Am Today

Part 3 of 4: What Key Things Did I Learn to Get Me Where I Am Today

This is a continuation of the series on 4 key lessons I learned to help me grow into the person I am today…

The third lesson is I listen to my “messengers”.

There have been so many random people that have crossed my path to tell me something simple that ended by having a huge impact on my day, month, or even life. For instance, on my 21st Birthday my mom took my sister and me to Las Vegas. Most of my birthdays have not turned out very well for some reason, so she wanted me to have the perfect birthday.

We stayed in a suite at the Bellagio and the three of us had the time of our lives. The day after my Birthday we were walking down the strip together to go to Margaritaville for lunch. I was not very perky that morning from the lack of sleep the night before. I was just in a bad mood. I lost my sunglasses for the millionth time, so the sun was beating down on my face and beginning to give me a headache. My mom and sister were walking quite a distance behind me talking and giggling.

I was walking, as a grump, with TONS of people everywhere, bumping into me… when this old frail man in a white polo shirt turned around and faced me. He had wrinkles all over his scruffy face and looked like life had plain worn him out. I was caught off guard and looked at him baffled – he was just standing in front of me, holding up traffic, with this crazed look on his face. He then said, “Smile!” in a very harsh tone, then turned around immediately and walked away.

I was appalled at this and my mind was reeling. I actually thought it was very rude. I raised my eyebrows in amazement and continued to walk as well. Within a second passing, he turned around to face me again. This time he pulled out a small white business card from his front shirt pocket and shoved it in my face. It was a worn piece of paper that had brown smudges on it. It carried an American flag pin and in the middle it said ‘SMILE!’ in black bold letters. He stared intently at me for a split second until an expression of understanding swept across my face. I gave a slow nod, and he turned around and walked quickly out of sight. The crowd gobbled him up and I was left standing there until my mom and sister caught up to me.

I look at that as a messenger. Someone who comes into your life – for a brief second, or for weeks or years – to deliver a message to you.

Most of my messages have been about smiling, or believing in myself. Others have been validation on a decision I was struggling with or people showing up in one way to remind me who I wanted to be long-term.

I have had literally countless experiences like this. Sometimes we just need a quick reminder to get back on track.

I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for these messengers. It’s so powerful and so cool!

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