Part 1 of 4: What Key Things Did I Learn to Get Me Where I Am Today

Part 1 of 4: What Key Things Did I Learn to Get Me Where I Am Today

In the next 4 posts I am going to share with you 4 key lessons I learned to help me grow into the person I am today…

One, I listened to my Gut.

I’ve learned that if I trust my head and thoughts, I’ll not arrive at the destination I want. Your mind plagues you with “What If” questions. What if they don’t like me, what if I fail, what if they say no… what if I make the wrong decision. You can’t really trust too many mind-based solutions because you are merely guessing your way through the decision.

I’ve also learned that if I trust my heart only, I’ll still not arrive at the destination I want. Your heart is full to the brim with emotion and sensitivity – whether you realize it’s potential or not. Emotion will lead you astray because we all want to feel loved and good inside. We may stay in a bad relationship because it feels better to be with someone (even if they treat you poorly), rather than no one. We stay in a work position because the employer says often they couldn’t run things without out and we don’t want to jump off and excel even more, because we feel bad. The heart can be a tricky player.

The gut though, the gut is dead-on accurate every single time. The more I listened to my gut, the easier life became and the faster I grew into a person I loved.

As an example, when I originally applied for Vector (my life-changing job that helped me to get from lost to found) I saw an ad in the newspaper and decided to apply for the position online. It had been months since my last job at a restaurant, and I was broke. I did not apply anywhere else, and after two weeks I realized that I had not received a call – even a rejection call.

Late one morning I was sitting on my couch in sweat pants and a t-shirt, I began to have a stirring type feeling inside. I felt anxious and unhappy. I tried to think about the cause. I searched my thoughts and realized I was feeling perplexed about the position I applied for – why didn’t I get a call or even an email response?

My gut said, “Apply again, they didn’t get your application.” I thought this was ridiculous, and wanted to accept that they just didn’t want me. But this nagging just got stronger and stronger. I went to the computer, got online, and applied again.

This time, within fifteen minutes I got a call back and was set up for an interview to start in one hour. I showed up, got the job, and my life changed massively for the better. I learned how to communicate with people, get over all of my insecurities, impact people and stay positive. I learned how to set and reach goals, how to interview and train hundreds of people and learned how to stand up for myself. All of that happened because I listened to this gut instinct to apply again, instead of looking for a different job. I rely so heavily now on my gut and it has never led me down the wrong path.

I encourage you to try and explore the difference between what your mind tells you, what your heart years for, and what your gut so clearly wants you to do. It won’t take you long to tell the difference and the possibilities you’ll soon realize will change you forever.

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One Comment on Part 1 of 4: What Key Things Did I Learn to Get Me Where I Am Today

  1. Mike Bankus says:

    Very inspirational, Amber…..I try to err on the side of generosity…I mean a few extra dollars isn’t going to break us but will most likely make a difference for those in the service industry. Plus I always think they have to put themselves out there and do a good job with no guarantee of a good tip. Our generosity can restore their faith for those that gip them!

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