A Lesson From the Story of Chicken Little

A Lesson From the Story of Chicken Little

The Story of Chicken Little is a famous one indeed. This 1940’s Walt Disney clip, like most others, has quite an important lesson to share. Can you guess what it is by watching the video below?

We are all human and can be influenced by all sorts of things – people, books, movies, music, propaganda, stories, etc. Most humans are sensitive and want to belong or feel loved and accepted. Since you’re reading this post then I’ll take it one step further and say you want to grow, learn and gain insight to better yourself.

The Story of Chicken Little tells us to exercise caution when listening to others. The last line of the clip is, “Don’t believe everything you read brother!”

It is ok to seek answers. It is ok to trust. It is ok to get influenced.

What I like to do is be an open book. I like to be open to gaining insight from anywhere or anything. I have no judgment and try to really understand different situations. This allows me to get the most out of books, lectures, movies, etc. BUT I have a sort of filter. I don’t believe everything I hear or read. I like to take it in, decide if it means anything to me (and if so, what) then go from there. If someone tells me “This IS the way it is” and I don’t resonate with it, I generally let it go. If I do resonate with it then it becomes a part of me. (This is especially key when taking advice from others!)

Let’s even look at the media or politicians… they all have agendas, goals and motives. They will tell you just about anything they need to to meet that goal. So, we must gain mental strength and decide for ourselves what is right for our lives.

Be careful who you surround yourself with. This is a strong indication of who you are or what you’re allowing yourself to be. I believe it is time for everyone to gain (or regain) their mental strength and get back the power to decide for themselves…

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