Part 2 of 4: What Key Things Did I Learn to Get Me Where I Am Today

Part 2 of 4: What Key Things Did I Learn to Get Me Where I Am Today

This is a continuation of the series on 4 key lessons I learned to help me grow into the person I am today…

The second lesson is I live with the philosophy that good things happen to good people. Bad things happen to good people too, but that’s life. I’m talking about doing good things to sttract even more good things in your life. Otherwise known as Karma.

I was getting groceries one freezing cold night. When I finished placing the grocery bags in the trunk of my car, noticed that a toothbrush I wanted to buy was sitting at the bottom of the cart. My gut instantly told me that the cashier had not charged me for it.

I walked back inside, stood in another line and paid for my toothbrush. She looked at me as if I was an alien and ended up giving me her discount because I was honest enough to come back. Something as simple and random as that makes me feel like I am floating afterward.

Knowing I do the right thing has major rewards and I get more excited to do good things more often. It always feels like a domino effect. Once I knock that first one down I am excited to watch the others fall over more and more forcefully.

I find myself tipping extra at restaurants, which comes partly from knowing how awful restaurant work can be, but also because of my mom’s influence. My mom taught me a valuable lesson when I was very young about going above and beyond for the people that do the same for you – and about showing your appreciation when you notice someone that stands apart in the crowd.

For example, my came out to Denver a couple years ago to visit my sister and me. We went out to eat at Red Robin one perfect afternoon. We were the only people sitting outside and our waitress was the most amazing person. She was upbeat, enthusiastic, sincere and had a pure heart.

The three of us had a blast with her and it made us all so happy just being in her presence. At the end of this unbelievable experience our bill came. The meal couldn’t have cost more than $30-35. My mom turned excitedly to my sister and me – I knew what was coming because this had happened since I was little – and said in a childish tone, “Ok girls, what do you think we should tip her?” My sister and I got excited as we were reflecting back on how pleasurable our experience was. We all really wanted to make this young girls day and make her always remember that she should stay just the way she is.

We ended up giving that waitress a $50 tip that day. We each wrote a simple note on the bill thanking her for her amazing service and personality. We quickly walked out of the restaurant so that we weren’t around when she saw her tip. My mom always taught us to do good deeds like that. It wasn’t about seeing the expression on her face afterward. It was knowing how much it would touch her – that was the powerful part.

When you hold the door open for someone, ask someone with fewer items to go in front of you in line, say bless you, give to good charities, spend that extra time to see a client issue fully resolved… it all says something about who you are – how you choose to show up in the world for others.

Who do you choose to be?

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