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Are you a teen or young adult, struggling with decision-making and confidence?

Are you a parent, worried if your child will find their way?

Do you want to maximize your potential and live a truly fulfilling life?

Amber VilhauerAmber Ludwig-Vilhauer, founder of A Conscious Choice, has an unwavering passion to help individuals around the world find their voice, live their best life and give back to others along the way.

Our core mission is to support teens to navigate the pressures of school and the influence of their classmates with a strong, positive mindset. All of our content and programs are based on Amber’s own experience of lost to found as a teen. While our purpose is to support teens, naturally, any individual will feel inspired and educated on how to navigate life’s challenges. We welcome you.

Joining the movement means you are ready to:

  • Surround yourself with inspiring, wise, encouraging individuals around the world who are experiencing similar feelings and frustrations.
  • Admit you feel there is “something more” for your life and you’re committed to exploring what that is.
  • Feel better. Feel stronger. Feel supported. Feel inspired to live your greatness.

Your journey on this life, and how you choose to show up for it, is completely up to you. If you’re ready to discover and live your potential, then join the movement today. Here’s how:

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Our highest goal is to make this community a safe place for sharing your feelings. A story of survival, perseverance, happiness and healing can help more people than you can image. View our already shared stories here, or if you would like others to learn for your life story anonymously, please share your story here.

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Do you have a question about something you’re feeling, but don’t know who to ask? We have received countless questions from teens, parents and individuals through the years. You are safe and invited to ask any question your heart seeks the answer to.

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