Is Your Thinking Aligned with the Majority or the Minority?

Is Your Thinking Aligned with the Majority or the Minority?

A new Conscious Divas post!

I heard a study that only 9% of people polled in the US are earning the same amount or more income that the previous year – everyone else was making less or jobless. This is very concerning to me and makes me question what people are thinking and feeling. I wake up and see the latest news announcements about how the world is in a very delicate economic state and how we might be headed for a major hit. Company stocks are plummeting which gives us FEAR, families are living on a shoestring budget and feeling STRESS, and relationships are experiencing TENSION due to all the pressures we face.

Yep, this is the way I see the majority thinking and it makes me want to put on my Super Woman cape on and save the world.


I have prided myself on taking the road less traveled, especially in the past year. As I reflect on where I was a year ago, compared to where I am today – in relationship, career, friendships, love – I see a HUGE difference. My business has DOUBLED in growth, I have never been closer and happier with any relationship partner, I’m closer with my friends and family – even the air smells more rosey!

Do you know what is entirely responsible for this change? My focus, intention and perception.

I do not buy in to the fear that our news and chatter projects. If Greece falls, and the Euro falls and Asia is hit and the US is in trouble…. living in fear will do nothing but create more opportunity for fear in my life.


Instead, if I choose the road less traveled – if I step into the minority – I can choose to “hear” the news, but not let it affect my behavior or life choices. I can focus on building my business instead of being scared that more business might not come due to the economy. I focus on the kindness I see in people instead of focusing on the guy that is unaware and cut me off in traffic.

It is not that I’m being unrealistic or fru fru. It is that I make a conscious choice to be in balance, to live for today, to make the very most out of my life and live up to my highest potential.


This is not a new concept. It’s the Law of Attraction, Staying in the Now, the Power of Positivity. It required, what felt like, a tremendous effort to stay focused on the right things at first. Once I conditioned my mind (just like you condition your muscles when you work out) it became a breeze. I have a “character building” day maybe once every two or three months. Not to say I don’t experience temporary pockets of frustration or stress – that’s human! – but I do not let it last all day and affect mt relationships with the people around me.

Today onward, I invite you to make the conscious choice to stay focused and make your situation better. Whether that means giving your relationship partner a break instead of having a conversation about ever little thing. Whether that means changing your perception and knowing that upset client isn’t attacking YOU, but looking for a different outcome. Whether that means no longer charging your credit card for items you don’t need with the focus of paying down your debts. It is a conscious choice and daily effort. One that I have taken very seriously every day and the positive outcome of my life is proof-positive this idea works!

Take a stand and commit to create a better life circumstance. If you’re with me, please share this post with as many people as possible. Share the love.

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