How to Lighten Your Load During Heavy Times

How to Lighten Your Load During Heavy Times

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Have you experienced a shift lately? Where you feel anxiety, a little lost, and mostly frustrated? If you have, today’s post is to tell you you’re not alone. I have clients and mentors all feeling like they are hanging on by a thread. At times, I’ve even used the analogy that it feels I’m being tossed under the ocean by a wave. At moments throughout each day I get to swim to the top and take a big breath, but then I’m smacked by another wave. It’s not to say I’ve been unhappy – not at all! – but I’ve felt an enormous sense of pressure and frustration. Come to find out, I’m far from alone.

There’s no news here that the world as we know it is changing. We’ve heard the 2012 scare – the end of the world. We’ve been pumped with fear – thanks media. We’ve been working overtime to protect our pure hearts, our loving families who have saved us time and time again during fearful spurts, and protect our futures the best we can. It is ok to acknowledge and talk about what’s really going on inside of that head and heart of yours.

In the old days (pre-whatever this time is), we held our heads high and didn’t really talk about our financial issues or our fears. We sort of stuffed that down and put on a “I can’t do it all” face. Ah how times have changed. If you are still in that mode of trying to hold everything up solo, you must be exhausted by now! It has become almost impossible to hold it all together, all the time (in fact find me one person who has!). This should become a relief to you. You’re not alone.

We are being humbled. We are seeing what truly matters. We are getting closer to our communities.

You may have realized you can’t do everything all by yourself – at least not the way you could before – but now we are seeing a shift into a “collaborative era“. As time goes on you’ll more adapt the idea that two heads are better than one. And while two people need to “split the profit”, you’ll gladly accept that fact in exchange for the peace of mind and heart you’ll get by sharing responsibilities.

Collaboration also means we are coming together to solve problems and offer solutions. The point is, we must get over old ideas and adapt to the new feelings that spur up inside us. If you are feeling scared, don’t tell yourself you need to toughen up. Ask a friend for help and then you will feel better naturally.

Other things to consider to “lighten your load” during heavy times:

  • Clean out your Inbox. If you subscribe to a bunch of lists or get a hundred spam emails a day it IS adding to your stress. At the bottom of each email there’s an unsubscribe link. Click those suckers and you’ll feel the weight melt away…

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