Facing Your Fear of Starting High School (and Beyond)

Do you get anxiety when you think about starting high school? The new faces, the new classes, the new environment?

My neighbor’s daughter is starting high school in the Fall. She shyly told me she was nervous. Boy did that bring me back…

I remember graduating from middle school happy as a clam. I had hit a real milestone in my life and felt proud. Yet, entering high school gave me the opposite feeling. I had sweaty palms, anxiety, fear – all of it.

I was going from a class size of 35 to a class of more than 350! It was a transition from a private school to a public school and I had no way to prepare for what happened.

The first day of school was exactly what you’d expect.

In fact, I have recurring dreams about it to this day! lol. It’s me always late to a class because I can’t find anything and I’m totally a wreck because no matter what, I was embarrassing myself.

Teens have a natural ability to feel embarrassed by everything. Their clothes, their jokes, their tardiness – you name it. I just wanted to feel normal or cool for at least five minutes.

So, my first day happened and I learned a lot. I realized I had MUCH more control and decision-making responsibility than I could have imagined. All of a sudden I was hanging around kids that ditched school, partied, got poor grades – as well as people who were in honors, played sports and excelled. Being as vulnerable and sensitive as I was on the inside, it was a constant battle of awareness to make sure I didn’t slip too far down the slippery slope of popularity and wanting to fit in. I also learned not to leave my gym bag in the hallway on an honor system, lol. I never saw my stuff again.

Do you have normal feelings of anxiety or fear around starting high school? Absolutely!

I will never sugar coat it for you. High school started in a scary way for me and it might be scary for you too. The reason is because it was CHANGE and everything was NEW.

Change is always scary until you realize how important and exciting it is.

You see, if you never change, you’ll never realize your potential.

You’ll never grow and stretch yourself. You’ll never try new things, which means you aren’t really living this incredible gift of life. You’re just getting by.

I can tell you the #1 reason for my success growing up and in life is because I faced my fears. I embody the phrase, “No Guts No Glory.”

I feel just as much anxiety and fear as the next person. That is completely normal. But instead of thinking of that fear as a negative thing, look at is as though you are on the brink of brilliance.

Picture yourself marching into that school with confidence, beauty and a great attitude. Fake it if you have to at first. But be yourself fully and don’t let fear take over.

You have nothing to be afraid of.

You are going to meet some incredible new people. You will have the chance to say “no” more often which is an awesome responsibility. You will continue your journey of growing up and deciding who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world.

You will be brilliant.

To start high school with confidence while having fun, picture your attitude ahead of time as you walk into school each morning. Then, look at the mindset of change being a good thing. It truly is.

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