How I Stay Healthy + Small Exercises at Home To Feel Better About Yourself

How I Stay Healthy + Small Exercises at Home To Feel Better About Yourself

Do you ever feel sluggish or just not quite yourself? Maybe it’s been weeks or months (or years?) since your last serious workout? Maybe it’s time for a change?

We all get to a point eventually where we internally say, “Enough!!!” Or, your body will say “Enough!” and you won’t have a choice but to make your health a priority.

Below I hate a list of things I do to stay healthy plus a few ideas for exercises you can do at home to feel better about yourself.

How I Stay Healthy


I made the choice to eat well. I eat a big salad about four times a week, in addition to my regular sized dinner. This is like a super salad of organic veggies and it tastes amazing. I’ll add in lots of lettuce (greens are essential to health!), shredded carrots, avocado, celery, dried cranberries, snow peas, orange bell pepper, broccoli and cucumber. Sometimes I’ll add in other goodies like sunflower seeds or almond slices. I just eat this massive salad and my body screams, “YES” the whole time.

I get plenty of sleep each night and value down-time. Work causes a lot of stress for us all whether we see the physical signs or not. Add to that financial, relationship and personal stresses. Everything is always faster, harder, better. Your body is not equipped to handle this amount of stress long-term. Short term, sure. Your body will keep producing adrenalin the more you push, and it will feel like you are Superman and can do anything. But, when you push at this level long-term, your adrenal glads (which produce adrenalin to get you through the task at hand) will get depleted. Before you know it, you’re tired all the time. Ya! You’re running on fumes! I get about 8-9 hours of sleep each night which is more than most will need, but I’ve pushed myself to the limit for many years so am still playing catch up. I also mentally rest in the evening and try to allow myself to sloooow the wheels down and enjoy some R&R.

I strongly believe in moderation. I eat dessert almost every night, but just a little bit. I’ll have one or two chocolate chip cookies. My mind may tell me I want more, but I don’t give in. I have one cup of coffee every morning, and don’t allow myself more. I will have maybe 2 sodas a week, no more. I eat red meat maybe once a week, but eat lots of chicken. Red meat is slow to digest and you can always find healthier alternatives to give you the nutrients that red meat provides. I will usually allow myself one “bad” meal a week – like pizza or something I know isn’t good for me. Seeing a pattern? Moderation is key!

A couple times a week during my lunch hour I will pop in my Cindy Crawford “The Next Challenge” workout video. This video is a really tough workout! It’s very athletic, fast-paced, chill (not all hyped up), and it works out what seems like every muscle in your body. Whether you’re doing lunges, jogging, lifting weights, abs, back, all of it! – it’s excellent. Here’s a 3min clip example:

Small Exercises at Home To Feel Better About Yourself


Look, I’m not going to say you need to workout 7 days a week for 2 hours a day – who has the time?? But, making excuses and doing nothing will only make things worse. It’s about doing the little things… they add up!

One example of an exercise you could do at home quickly: Take a look at the clock. Stop what you’re doing and for the next 5 minutes, I want you to do jumping jacks. No excuses, no “later” jibber-jabber – now. This can get your heart pumping which is a great step! You could do this simple exercise 4 times a day, then whaddya know – you’ve exercised for 20minutes.

You should consider investing in a pair of 5lb. weights. I’ll be sitting on the couch at night and during a commercial break I’ll knock out a few sets of whatever arm lifts I think of. I’ll also knock out 50-100 crunches during another commercial break. Just little things to feel better about myself.

My boyfriend Todd has been running a lot lately and he says, “I do it because I know tomorrow I’ll be glad I did.” That’s interesting. He doesn’t do it for today, but for tomorrow. We all find our reasons – it doesn’t have to be because you want to lose weight. Maybe you’re like me – healthy – but you just feel like a slug and are too young to feel that way so you’re going to take a stand.

The time is only ever now.

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