Do You Feel ‘Good Enough’? How a Shift in Perspective Can Change Your World for the Better

Do You Feel ‘Good Enough’? How a Shift in Perspective Can Change Your World for the Better

I have done a LOT of soul work ever since I was a little girl. As dorky as it may sound, I have actually broken my 28-year old life into two stages, and I even have titles for them! The first stage was my teenage depression years titled, “From Lost to Found” and since then I have been in “No Guts No Glory” mode.

In between these two stages rests one of the most important moments of my whole life. A special pocket of time where it felt like time was slowing down; my heart and mind and soul were wide open to receiving ‘the message.’ I was at an Anthony Robbins event and eighty to a hundred people surrounded me, chanting, screaming, jumping up and down all in support of me breaking this one-inch board with my bare hand. I was one of the last and my hand was pulsing with pain from previous attempts.

You see, my board had something very important written on it. My limiting belief was written in black permanent ink in big letters: “I am not good enough.” It pained me to even read the words because of how deeply and how long I believed them.

But this was my moment. My pocket in time in front of all these people, cheering me on, to shatter this belief and never look back. And that is exactly what I did in that room, in my 22nd year of life.

Turns out, this is one of the most common beliefs in the world. When, where and why did we all get this idea that we are NOT good enough?! Not good enough for that promotion, to earn a six-figure income, for the man of our dreams, for a better relationship with our parents or siblings, for our child’s respect, for _______. Where?

Since this happened to be a critical time in my life, I’ve given MUCH thought to this concept and how it shows up in our lives. If you are just trying to be good enough for others then you are really setting yourself up for disappointment and that feeling that you are a loser and not of high value. BUT, if you challenge your thinking and ask, “Am I good enough for myself?” then you are on a whole new playing field.

When you constantly check in and ask, “Am I good enough for myself?” you will constantly grow, achieve more success and find love everywhere you go. I found myself no longer needing to be ‘good enough for a relationship.’ I was happy with who I was as an independent, successful, loving, honest woman and you know what? I attracted the partner who saw those same qualities and feel in love with me. But, had I tried to be all of those things FOR someone else, I wouldn’t have landed in the same spot.

Another example: When I asked, “Am I good enough for myself?” in business, I started becoming the best little worker bee I could be. I wasn’t in business hoping to be good enough to get clients or more sales – I wasn’t operating based on scarcity or fear mode. Instead, I became a master organizer, efficient, fast, results-oriented and ALL about my client’s success because that is how I wanted to show up for me. That is how I knew I would sleep like a champ at night and knew I was making a difference in the world. I knew the clients would pour in as a result of ME being the best person I could be.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not running through the list of every single client I’ve worked with and thinking about how I can add value to their lives and their business. Just today I was thinking about a creating 3 new programs based around teaching people how to build and thrive in their online business. When we operate knowing we are constantly trying to become the best version of ourselves FOR ourselves and no one else, the whole world sees your heart and your light and is attracted to you.

So for this New Year and new beginning, I invite you to shatter your limiting belief that you are not good enough for others. Focus on asking yourself, “Am I good enough for ME?” If you work on loving yourself and respecting yourself you won’t even be able to believe all of the fortune, love and luck that comes your way.

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