Classic: “I don’t need to talk about it…”

Classic: “I don’t need to talk about it…”

Have you ever caught yourself in the middle of a shame spiral searching Facebook on who you can chat with, scrolling your phone for that “right person” to call who will comfort you, yet no one seems to be that “right person”? You’re fidgety, frustrated and your whole body is tight. Then you tell yourself, “Well, I don’t NEED to talk about it, it would just be nice.”

If you are identifying with this, then let this be a message that cautions you. This process happens when something (or things) is brewing deep inside you. You are like a volcano about ready to blow. Tears emerge, but you are trying to be “strong” so maybe only one falls. You know you’re on dangerous grounds but you test it, tease it and think you can overcome this power brewing in you.

False. Sorry to break that thought – but deep down you already know the Truth anyway. When many things combine and it feels like the walls are caving in a bit, there is no real escape. There is no “being strong” and it just magically fades away – so why resist it?

If you are upset, BE UPSET. If you need to cry, don’t hold back. If you need to scream, call that one friend who is a “real friend” and vent like a crazy person! They key, friends, is to *let it out*. If you don’t, it will keep building and building into this unstoppable force, then you will inevitably break.

You don’t have to let it get to this point – there is a better solution.

The key is to keep communication open. Call a friend when you are feeling blue. If you still feel upset after that call, ring another friend of family member. As I said in a post two days ago, “One thing that remains by my side no matter what trouble I get myself into, no matter what success I create for myself – no. matter. what. – and that is my family and friends.” Use them. It’s OK.

The next key is to find another way of venting. Read and get lost in a book, write and see what comes out, exercise, clean your house – VENT.

Then remember that this too shall pass. You will be happy again. You will pick yourself back up and thrive again. The sooner you “feel” and let it out, the faster you will “heal” and move on. Remember that today as you enter into your busy work world…

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