Lost to Found Series: Cheryl’s Story “Growing Up is Hard to Do”

Lost to Found Series: Cheryl’s Story “Growing Up is Hard to Do”

I received a new Story Submission from a mother in Arlington, Texas last week. By looking at her picture below, you can probably tell (as I did) she is very wise. Her story will shock you, comfort you and help expand your thinking. Cheryl has brought us a new perspective on stories shared. She reflects as the “mother” and “care taker” of many friends growing up. Those she held the hair of while they puked at parties, those who stopped talking to her for petty reasons, those who took drugs, those who committed suicide, those on medication and many more.

When I finished this story, posted from her own blog, I was disappointed because I wanted to read more, more, more. This story is a MUST READ. Cheryl shares some incredible insights within the last few paragraphs of her post. Let them sink in. You will be in good company.

Cheryl’s advice:

Remember… If you are ever feeling overwhelmed talk to an adult. They may surprise you. We were all young once. It doesn’t have to be a parent. Maybe it’s your cool aunt or your best friend’s dad. Just pick some one you trust.

And now, Cheryl’s Story “Growing Up is Hard to Do”…

“I grew up in a stable Catholic family. I am the oldest of five. My parents are STILL married, to each other, after 41 years. We didn’t have a lot of money but we never lacked anything.

I was a ‘Drama Geek’ in high school. I wore Chucks when people thought of them as clown shoes. I wore big clunky boots. I had parts of my head shaved. I was no where near cool enough to be a leading role in the ‘punk/skate rat/new wave’ scene where I grew up and I was a little to geeky and weird for the Student Council crowd. I had friends in all the circles but I tended to be closest to the most troubled kids…”

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– Cheryl

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