Catapult Your Personal and Business Success! Here’s How…

Catapult Your Personal and Business Success! Here’s How…

Though I’m only a budding 28 year old, I realized a breakthrough mentality in my life and just had to share it with you!

If you’re a regular reader, by now you’ve heard my story of being a completely lost and depressed teen. You know the type that ate lunches along, cried most nights in bed and felt largely friendless? I had NO CLUE why these feelings of confusion and depression overcame me, or how long they would take up residence in my life, but they sure ate away at me.

From there, with a whole lotta faith and perseverance, I discovered the tools of business success in my tool box. I was 19 and attending college when I started working with a huge national marketing company. Life started to return. The recognition and achievements at my work was all I needed to start to turn my life around. Being lonely and small no longer served me – but BOY did that serve an important purpose.

I think some of the coolest times in my life were months or years after a period of lostness when the ‘ah ha’ moment finally comes, and you realize why you were so tortured.

For the past nine years I have grown tremendously in business and have literally landed my dream job – working from home coaching speakers, authors and entrepreneurs to build their online business and online platform. I get to work with the most UNBELIEVABLE, FABULOUS men and women from Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles. I attract (note key word: attract) exciting opportunities every day practically. I am living on purpose.

In my personal life, I’ve rummaged through the same lost to found journey. A rollercoaster which included being with men that totally “didn’t get it”, to a “good enough” relationship turned marriage turned divorce, to a backtracking dance, to finally saying ENOUGH!

It was 14 months ago that I picked up my belongings and pets and took a 2-week trip to Tucson (within an hour of getting the idea) and spent that time having my own rushed “Eat Pray Love” experience. I decided I would no longer sacrifice me to be in a relationship. I was going to use my voice, I was going to be balanced, I was not going to lose myself in another ‘ok’ relationship that I secretly knew – but wouldn’t admit it out loud – was not right.

I drive back from my trip feeling serious and strong, but also a little scared. I avoided the thoughts of, “Well, what if you’re alone?Trust.

Wouldn’t you know it… just days later I went to a pumkin carving contest party that my best girlfriend of seven years was hosting with her boyfriend, and there he was. My nickname for him was Firefighter Jason and I can tell you fourteen months later that he is every single thing I asked for when I took that “leap” and went to Tucson for 2 weeks. I am living on purpose.

So, how does one skyrocket their personal and business success?

How can you go from where you are to where you want to be? Where you DESERVE to be?


I will tell you what has worked for me and I would invite you to give it a whirl for a month and see what can unfold in your life.

First, I live on purpose. Gone are the days that I just wake up and see what happens and hope it all works out ok. If I am unhappy in an area of my life, I do the work to figure out why I’m unhappy about it. If I decide that thing (work relationship, friend issue, bad eating habits!, etc.) is no longer serving me, I exit, but with integrity and authenticity. If it can still serve me, I work on fixing it. Doing the work to face your fears, own your faults, and celebrate your gifts – that is a huge part to gaining mountains of success and happiness in your personal and professional life.

Second, I take the word “gratitude” more seriously than any other word I can think of right now. This word is thrown around a LOT these days for a reason! Every night when I’m in bed (especially when I am restless or struggling to fall asleep) I take count of all of my blessings. I really FEEL the thanks I am giving for my wonder, amazing clients, my family, my friends, my beautiful house, my relationship, my dog, anything that comes to my heart. I sleep so well the moment I start this process and it warms my heart each time. I know for a FACT this is a main reason I keep attracting more of what I desire. I just know it.

Third, I live with awareness and consciousness. When you are aware and conscious, you see clearly when you are overstepping bounds, when you are needed or not, when you should enter or exit a situation. It feels a lot like going with the flow to be honest. You become more in tune to the needs of others, then when you fulfill that, tremendous reward follows. Being aware in my relationship allows me to be the best partner in crime I can be. Being aware for my clients leads to a great retention rate and to lots of word of mouth business. It just goes on and on…


If you found this post to be inspirational or useful, please help me share it with the world. Let’s get the ball rolling and help as many people as we can! Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness.

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