Your Call To Action: Help Me Influence Teens in a Positive Way

Your Call To Action: Help Me Influence Teens in a Positive Way

Thank YOU for all of your comments and feedback on this site so far! There are few things more rewarding in this world than showing up just as you were meant to, spreading messages to others who search for answers. This is exactly the purpose of this site. It is my ultimate hope we can make this a community site – an interactive site. We have an opportunity to truly create something special. AND, I ultimately want to bring Teenagers into this space. There is so much we can do to influence them in a positive way. Won’t you help me?

Ways you can help – your call to action:

  • Share Your Story: Whatever you feel to share about your past, present, or future desires. Stories are the easiest ways to teach and relate to one another. You can Share Your Story by clicking here now »
  • Add comments: Subscribe to this blog in the top left sidebar. You can add the RSS Feed, or signup to get blog posts in your email. This is a safe 3rd party service run by Google so this isn’t the same as signing up to Stay Connected. It’s an easy way to be notified when new posts are available.
  • Give Feedback: What do you want to read about? What topics do you think need to be out for the world to absorb? Share your thoughts and feedback with me anytime by clicking here »


Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and feedback I’ve received so far, including:

“awesome amber. this is exactly how i want mine to look with something more conducive to what i do on the top. nice job.”

“The site looks great Amber! You did a fantastic job. I am so proud to see all of the successes you have achieved and the person you have become since knowing you at Vector. You truly are an inspiration. Keep up the good work, and maybe I will see you around Denver sometime! :)”

“amazing job Amber! :)”

“Great site, Amber!:) Very inspiring!”

“Haven’t read all yet, but from what I have read, you’ve done an amazing job using your life lessons in a positive way! Good job Amber! I can only imagine how many lives you are touching. 🙂 ( not to be mushy or anything!;) )”

“Your sight looks amazing! Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less. I especially like the Encouragement note pinned at the top right. That’s a nice touch!”

“Great site, Amber! I can see you doing very well in this space – you’re leading by example. Fantastic!”

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