Being Critical of Yourself Will Get You Nowhere

Do you look in the mirror and have thoughts about how your hips are too big, your acne is ugly, your hair isn’t perfect, your stomach isn’t flat enough, your _________? Or do you feel not good enough to have a relationship with your crush, not good enough to achieve good grades, not good enough to _________?

Women especially have a hard time accepting themselves. When I was 22 I was given the greatest gift. I was made aware that my whole life I had been replaying this message in my mind and heart that I am not good enough. I could see so clearly how this negatively affected my relationships, school work, career, friendships and more.

ANY time you are being critical of yourself, you are reducing your chance for a happy, successful, fulfilling life. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you. If you don’t like who you are, then change.

So the next time you feel yourself slipping into that pattern of negative thinking, use your mental strength and make a conscious choice to immediately think of something else. One very effective idea is to immediately say something positive about yourself.

You have full control to be and do anything in this life. Don’t use that control to feel small and inadequate. The world needs more individuals who are confident in who they are and willing to stand up and inspire others to be the same.

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