My Interview with Conscious Divas Co-Founder Julia King

My Interview with Conscious Divas Co-Founder Julia King

Conscious Divas logoLast week I was interviewed by Conscious Divas’ incredible co-Founder, Julia King. I had a blast and wanted to share this with you!

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer is an entrepreneur working with individuals and business owners worldwide. Since starting her company NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, Amber has created two websites which serve as inspiration and as a great educational resource for a large audience. is a “how to” website teaching business owners how to create an audience and gain success online. has a focus of personal development and gaining power from within – ultimately to help teenagers with decision making and growing into the best version of themselves.

What inspired you to create your website?

I have two websites, one for personal growth and one for online business development which are both passions of mine. The personal growth website was just launched this past Spring based on a book I wrote about my experience growing up titled, “Rescuing Me: A Teen’s Journey From Lost to Found”. I am going to get started on the final edit this fall and hope to release it next year sometime. I was merely looking to grow an audience and build a platform for that book, but the site gained rapid interest and has already turned into so much more. I have people sharing their personal stories from Lost To Found which are just incredible! I’ve received tons of positive feedback and it’s really molding into something fabulous.

Through your experiences what are the biggest challenges facing teenage girls today?

I’d have to say the constant competition with the other girls – feeling like you don’t have good enough clothes or your curfew isn’t late enough, or you don’t feel cool enough or you just don’t fit in. I think it is such a struggle for both girls and boys growing up. They are both trying to figure out who they are and how they want to show up in the world. Plus they’re trying to manage their parents expectations – or what they think their parents expectations are. There is so much pressure for teenagers today. Often times they will turn to outlets which are usually unhealthy such as partying, staying out late, lying to their parents, etc. I hope to show them a healthier alternative.

How do you feel you can help these girls/young women?

By bringing awareness to them. If they realize that others are going through what they are going through, it isn’t going to be quite as scary. Also, by being a positive role model or mentor that can offer insights and a new perspective on the challenges they face. It’s not even about telling them what they need to be doing because at that age they don’t want to be told what to do, they want to discover it on their own. Part of what I am trying to do is write and talk about the lessons I learned while growing up with the hope they see a new perspective they can then apply to their own situation.

So what makes you fabulous?

My willingness to never quit and my willingness to help people. I genuinely want to make a difference. I feel I have had incredible mentors, people that have shown me the way and I really want to do that for other people and pass it on. I’m not afraid. If I feel fear, I feel the fear and do it anyway. I have somehow developed this wisdom to keep fighting, pushing through obstacles and ultimately fulfilling my life’s purpose – and it’s only the beginning. I’m really excited about the future.

How do you live your life passionately?

I have passion in pretty much everything I do. When I’m sitting down to write a blog post I don’t do it unless I feel very passionately about the topic. I’m passionate in my relationships – I want to do the right things for my family and my friends. I really try each day to live my life with passion, as I feel life is too short and we have many opportunities to do the right thing and help others. I just want to maximize those opportunities.

What are your daily practices that help you realize your potential?

I have a lot of goals so I am constantly reminding myself of where I want to be, and then I give Gratitude for where I am presently. I don’t try to get where I want to be so quickly that life rushes me by, but I have daily Gratitude for different areas of my life. I’m constantly focused on my goals ahead and more than that, I’m focused on “positive” decision making. Beyond that, I have a focus for good quality of life. I work hard and rest hard to create that balance so I can continue to have the energy to give to others.

What have been your greatest life lessons?

Standing up for myself and having my voice heard are my greatest life lessons. When I was younger I didn’t know how to manage pain or disappointment so I ended up swallowing all that heaviness which became very unhealthy. I wasn’t sure how to express it or let go of it. I just absorbed it all and since then, I’ve really learned the power of speaking my Truth. When I don’t feel right about something I almost feel it is my duty to let the other person know. I always have good intentions when approaching that person or issue. I feel it important to offer suggestions for how we can resolve it and then I’m not holding on to so much. I have learned to have faith in the other person too so these small confrontations always become healed. Overall, I just keeping showing up for life and growing through the painful spots. As a result, I feel more fulfilled and happier with how I show up in the world.

What one piece of advice would you give to parents right now that you feel will have a direct impact on their relationship with their children as they grow up?

It is hard for me to give advice to parents as I am not a parent yet and I can’t claim to know what that experience is like. I was always very aware and observant of adults as I grew up though. The encouragement I would give to parents at a time when they have got so much going on and so much responsibility and stress and fear in their own world going on – maybe they’ve even felt that they have neglected their own world and put their children first – but to sometimes just stop the chaos and calm down enough to open up a conversation with their child. Ask, “How are you feeling about school?” or, “How are you feeling about your friends; what’s on your mind?” – just opening up that dialogue can go leaps and bounds for the relationship. If the kids say, “Everything is fine” or, “Nothing is wrong” – like I did – then say “ok” but keep asking! Don’t ever assume – always keep asking. At least then the child will always feel you were there for them, as I did about my parents.

Define in your own words what a Conscious Diva means to you?

A Diva is a strong, powerful, kick-ass woman. Being conscious means being aware of your surroundings, aware of your actions, aware of what you want and where you want to go. A Conscious Diva is a strong and confident woman, not held back by fear and knowing who she wants to be!

Tell us something that is unique about you that people might not necessarily know?

This is tough! I don’t want to give a lame response but really, my life is an open book. I’ve made it that way on purpose. I realized that by exposing myself people are able to really identify with me and grow with me. Many experts will only build up, not sharing the darkness of their past. In my upcoming book, I divulge all the details of my teenage years when I was not a very happy person. That is why the book is so essential – it shows me as Lost, then you get to see the transformation of how I became Found. So maybe that’s what’s unique! My life is an open book and I’m not afraid to use it as a tool to help others in a positive way.

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