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Amber Vilhauer

I invite you “in.” There are many experts, speakers, authors and individuals who share their story, yet leave out or cover up the details that are shameful or embarrassing. I am no such expert/speaker/author/individual.

I entered middle school very vulnerable and open to whatever influence was around me – bad or good. This school was one of the top private schools in the state. My parents always wanted the very best for my sister and me. They were off-the-charts supportive, loving and available to us. Having all right eggs in my basket, you’d probably guess I excelled and had a peachy time growing into adulthood.

Somewhere along the way, I took a turn down a very dark and lonely road to Lostville. My teenage years were spent hanging around the wrong crowds, struggling in school, shutting my parents out, crying, partying, writing in my journal and not knowing who I was or who I wanted to be. I kept wishing and hoping I would snap out it; that I’d be able to get the courage to tell my parents what was really going on inside.

Two events in high school knocked me down so hard that I knew I had hit rock bottom. I couldn’t have been in a worse place emotionally, I thought. I never once considered anything drastic, but I knew at that point, I better start changing my life and fast. I needed to rescue me.

I decided to buckle down, ignore friends and partying, and start doing what I needed to do to gain my parents trust back and be happier with who I was. After graduating with honors, I started college at the University of Arizona for Graphic Design and Marketing. I also started a summer job with Vector Marketing selling Cutco Cutlery. This one decision, this one opportunity, changed my life forever. I discovered the result of working hard and in the meantime, discovered who I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up in this world.

Step by step, that depressed, insecure part of me that believed I wasn’t good enough…just faded away. I was achieving promotions faster than anyone around me. I just kept growing and thriving – learning along the way until finally, I got to one point in time where I was able to identify and let go of the remaining pieces of lostness I felt. That’s when I got the feeling, deep in my gut, to write a book about all I had been through. I titled it, “Rescuing Me: A Teen’s Journey From Lost to Found”. It is currently unpublished, but will come out soon, when it’s time.

I have been through the ringer and back, and I’m here to share every detail of what I learned with you. Only then will you be able to see with clarity how you can apply these same lessons to your own life. I will share all I know about decision making, trust, stress, forgiveness, depression, role models, communication and my keys to success in life. Won’t you join me?

Get ready to grow, gain confidence and let go of anything holding you back from being the best version of you. Feel free to email me direct anytime you have questions or want to suggest a topic for our blog. I encourage you to comment on these blog posts – let’s build something amazing that helps teens and parents around the globe!

xoxo, Amber


Amber’s Professional Bio

Amber VilhauerAmber Vilhauer (formerly Ludwig) is an online digital marketing expert who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry.

Since starting her company NGNG Enterprises Inc. (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, she has spent her career impacting her community and building strong strategic alliances with industry leaders and game-changers across the web. Amber has supported thousands of entrepreneurs on six continents to get results. She is the launch manager behind several #1 bestselling books including those for Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Joel Comm, Sandra Yancey, Lisa Nichols and Les Brown.

Working one-on-one with each client, Amber and her teams have created more than 500 WordPress websites. Amber knows how a website needs to function in order to generate sales, build a fan base and attract long-term clientele. She works with clients to build a strong, branded social media presence, coaches each client on which manageable actions will help them achieve their online goals and then walks them through exactly how to do it.

Amber has created multiple websites which serve as inspiration and as a great educational resource for her audiences.

  • www.AmberVilhauer.com – Amber’s expertise lies in supporting authors, speakers and coaches to build their business online through 1-1 coaching, online courses, membership websites and more. Learn more about all she does on this website.
  • www.NGNGEnterprises.com – Amber’s online web services website which also serves as a “how to” website teaching business owners how to create an audience and gain success online.
  • www.LeverageToScale.com – This website fully serves any online business owner to maximize their digital marketing efforts in the least time-consuming and expensive way through a revolutionary marketing system developed out of Amber’s highest genius and more than a decade worth of experience.
  • www.AuthenticBusinessSuccessSummit.com – An online training program which brings together 15 internationally-respected, heart-centered entrepreneurs who through pre-recorded online interviews will share their secrets about the mindset and strategic business tactics they’ve used to turn their passion into multi-six-figure or multi-million dollar enterprises.
  • www.AConsciousChoice.com – A big passion project for Amber which has a focus on personal development and gaining power from within. This website is a resource to help teenagers with decision making and growing into the best version of themselves.

Before founding NGNG Enterprises, Amber was a key part of a multi-million dollar marketing company called Vector Marketing. Aside from achieving the highest sales level in the company of Senior Field Sales Manager, she moved through the management levels very quickly. From her promotion of Assistant Manager after 2 short months, Amber went on to become a lead Sales Manager for her local district office. She then grew into the position of Pilot Sales Manager, helping to run a division of 13 offices in 4 states. She trained new managers to open their own office and run their district, was responsible for training and managing more than 20 receptionists in the division and continued to help recruit and train thousands of sales reps for the Denver district. Amber also assisted in coordinating division-wide conferences throughout the year, and grew her public speaking skills to speak in front of audiences bigger than 300 in size.

Amber is available for interviews and opportunities for additional joint ventures at this time. For any questions or comments, she is available by email. Please click here to contact Amber now.