A Must-Read Blog Series by Paul Hendricks

A Must-Read Blog Series by Paul Hendricks

This isn’t a cop-out on writing, but rather a very valuable tip to help you along your Journey. Many of you remember Paul Hendricks from the story he shared titled, “Best-Selling Author Paul Hendricks’ Story of Self-Destruction: From Lost to Found“. It is still one of the most top-read pages on this website and deserves that popularity!

You also probably know by now that Paul and I really boost each other up. We have grown to really respect what each other does for their communities. His beautiful wife Diane is just as amazing too! It makes me want to move to Hawaii just to soak them up.

Paul has his own blog and just started a series titled “BE-ing ALOHA is the Fastest Way to Manifest Your Dreams!” The first post was Tuesday, the second was Wednesday. AMAZING.

Check out this excerpt:

“Over the next few days, I am going to share with you what is in my opinion the fastest way of getting into alignment (superconscious – conscious – subconscious or BE – DO – HAVE). Being in alignment is how we make our dreams become reality. It is how we stay connected to ourselves, each other, nature and the wonderful invisible world of unlimited potential and Infinite Possibilities (plug for Mike Dooley’s amazing book of the same name)…”

Paul goes on to explain how one becomes aligned. I was hooked right after he asked, “What is “being in alignment”?” I knew immediately that his writing would touch the souls of many. I may be a little biased too because I’m reading his latest book “Wake Up! The Enlightenment of an American Misfit and Outlaw” and it is breathtaking! You must buy it. (No, I don’t get a reward for telling you that – it’s because it is a truly great book!)

Back to Paul’s blog post series… Today I wanted to hold the phones and give you links to his first 2 posts in this blogging series. They are “must read” status. Comment on his posts, share them on social networks, then come back and tell me what your thoughts are here.

At this time on the planet, our missing ingredient is alignment. We are needing confidence in ourselves; a road-map to get what we want out of our lives. Time is short, we have no clue how anything will turn out. I’m realizing more and more (while feeling this powerful intensity like I’m running out of time) that I want to make the very most out of each day.

I hope you find a few insights in the posts below. I know I have.

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