25 Quick Ways to Calm Down When You’re Stressed

25 Quick Ways to Calm Down When You’re Stressed

Ah, we know the signs all too well. Our bodies get warmer, a headache is triggered, our hands get stiff and we find ourselves reacting to just about anything. Stress can be caused from any of a zillion different ways.

Finding quick ways to change directions and calm down can be HUGELY beneficial for your health and happiness.

Below you will find a list of 25 quick ways to calm down when you start to feel stressed. These tips come from a variety of sources – some friends – some from me – some from doctors and writers.

When you feel stress coming on, scan this list, do 1 method, do them all! But whatever you do, try to relax – then get to the root of your stress and work it out.

  1. Walk away from the situation you’re in (work, a fight with your partner, etc.) for just a minute. Go into another room and focus on your breathing for 10 breaths – nothing else. Then go back.
  2. Immediately listen to soft music
  3. Take a quick walk around the block
  4. Knock out 50 sit-ups or push-ups or jumping jacks
  5. Drink something cold
  6. Do some quick stretches
  7. Scream at the top of your lungs!
  8. Three breaths from below your belly button while tapping in the same place (below your belly button). Instant grounding.
  9. Physical contact with someone – pet or hug your dog, get a hug from your partner, etc
  10. Listening to the best of Buddha bar
  11. H2O – > Water is our friend. Have you ever seen a spa without water? It’s a serious part of relaxing
  12. Try this simple exercise to become present. Put your palms on the outside of your knees and try to hold them there while pushing your knees out, then put your palms on the inside of your knees and try to use your palms to push the knees out while allowing the knee to try and close
  13. Smile, and say out loud all the things that you are grateful for in your life currently
  14. Take out a blank piece of paper. Write down a bullet list of all the things bothering you. Then throw the list away
  15. Call a friend and say, “I need a pick-me-up”
  16. Close your eyes and go to your happy place – what does it look like? what does it smell like? what do you feel? Really go there in your mind
  17. Light a candle nearby
  18. Take a shower or bath
  19. Keep a bottle of aromatherapy nearby and breathe in the scent a few times
  20. De-clutter your surroundings. If you’re at work, clean up your desk and you’ll feel a sense of starting over
  21. Treat yourself to something sugary
  22. Look at photos of your past that make you happy
  23. Write – anything, anywhere, any amount
  24. Get some fresh air for a few minutes
  25. Go to YouTube and watch a few funny videos

Shoot me a comment and add to this list if you have another method! This list can go a long way in helping others relax and maintain better health.

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