Choose Happiness.

You are invited and welcomed to participate in the inspiration and expression this site provokes. I have spent my life watching people, learning from mistakes and growing “up”. I was raised in a very supportive and loving family environment – I couldn’t have asked for anything more! But somewhere along the way, when I entered middle school, I traveled down a dark and lonely road. I pushed everyone away and was lost for about 5 years – not knowing who I was or what I was supposed to do.

Amber VilhauerThen, piece by piece, step by step, I started making better decisions and rebuilding my identity. I graduated high school with honors (actually receiving an award from the school as the “Most Improved” student), moved on to college and most importantly, found myself. I don’t regret or feel badly about a single moment in my past because it is solely responsible for where I am today.

This site is for all of you out there who stumble into doubt, wonder what your purpose is, or just need a place to escape and get answers. I’ve been there, and I’m here for you now.

xoxo, Amber

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How I Gained Work Experience, Achieved Promotions and Keep Getting Job Opportunities

How I Gained Work Experience, Achieved Promotions and Keep Getting Job Opportunities

When we are little we all have ideas about what we want to be when we grow up. Both my parents were awesome entrepreneurs. When I grew up, I just wanted to be responsible and successful like them. I do believe this gave me an advantage because I didn’t have any expectations of what I should be – I had the freedom to decide. The job market was my canvas.

I started working when I was fourteen as a dishwasher for weddings. While hundreds of guests were dressed up and dancing under the stars, I was in the crazy hot kitchen spraying down dishes and trying to walk away that night with the least amount of food pasted all over me. Not exactly fun but I didn’t hate it either. I was just starting my work journey and open for anything.

I spent the next seven or so years working in restaurants […]