Choose Happiness.

You are invited and welcomed to participate in the inspiration and expression this site provokes. I have spent my life watching people, learning from mistakes and growing “up”. I was raised in a very supportive and loving family environment – I couldn’t have asked for anything more! But somewhere along the way, when I entered middle school, I traveled down a dark and lonely road. I pushed everyone away and was lost for about 5 years – not knowing who I was or what I was supposed to do.

Amber VilhauerThen, piece by piece, step by step, I started making better decisions and rebuilding my identity. I graduated high school with honors (actually receiving an award from the school as the “Most Improved” student), moved on to college and most importantly, found myself. I don’t regret or feel badly about a single moment in my past because it is solely responsible for where I am today.

This site is for all of you out there who stumble into doubt, wonder what your purpose is, or just need a place to escape and get answers. I’ve been there, and I’m here for you now.

xoxo, Amber

Do You Feel ‘Good Enough’? How a Shift in Perspective Can Change Your World for the Better

Do You Feel ‘Good Enough’? How a Shift in Perspective Can Change Your World for the Better

I have done a LOT of soul work ever since I was a little girl. As dorky as it may sound, I have actually broken my 28-year old life into two stages, and I even have titles for them! The first stage was my teenage depression years titled, “From Lost to Found” and since then I have been in “No Guts No Glory” mode.

In between these two stages rests one of the most important moments of my whole life. A special pocket of time where it felt like time was slowing down; my heart and mind and soul were wide open to receiving ‘the message.’ I was at an Anthony Robbins event and eighty to a hundred people surrounded me, chanting, screaming, jumping up and down all in support of me breaking this one-inch board with my bare hand. I was one of the last and my hand was pulsing […]